What Is Required to Join the Carpenters Union?

Generally, the requirements to join a carpenters' union consist of having employment as a carpenter, filling out your application and paying your union dues up front. To join a carpenters' union, you need to first get in touch with the representative of the local chapter of your carpenters' union, such as the United Brotherhood of Carpenters, and find out what their individual requirements are for membership.

The United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America is one of the nation's oldest and largest trade unions. Due to its history and reputation as a well-established organization, it has become one of the most common unions for carpenters in the United States join. In order to join the United Brotherhood of Carpenters, you need to contact the representative of your local chapter of the UBC and find out what they require of you in order to grant your membership.

Generally, a carpenters' union will require you to fill out an application and pay your union dues up front. Be sure you fully understand your responsibilities as regards to your work and ongoing dues to the union before joining. Some carpenters' unions also require you to have reached a certain skill level before allowing you to join.

For an apprentice carpenter, the requirements for joining a carpenters' union like the UBC are a bit more involved, as they involve taking part in specialized training programs.