What Are Some Required Classes for Med Tech Certification?


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Required classes to become a medical technologist and obtain certification include hematology, microbiology and phlebotomy courses as well as courses that provide hands-on laboratory training, according to Learn.org. "Med tech" may also refer to medical technicians, who typically take programs that cover microbiology, chemistry and biology.

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Aspiring medical technologists must complete a bachelor's degree in medical technology or a related field, states Learn.org. They should choose a degree that offers comprehensive science and math coursework. In some states, individuals must pass a licensing exam to become licensed. Some medical technologists also opt to acquire certifications offered by associations such as the National Credentialing Agency for Laboratory Personnel. Work experience and further education are typical requirements to qualify for managerial and lead technologist positions.

Aspiring medical technicians require an associate degree or a medical technology certificate, says Learn.org. In addition to science classes, students need to experience clinical work in hospital settings. Upon graduating, they can transfer part of their credits to an undergraduate program and complete the undergraduate degree to become promoted to medical technologist positions.

Medical technologists and medical technicians carry out similar laboratory duties, such as conducting medical tests and providing an interpretation of the results, notes Learn.org. However, medical technologists are usually responsible for more complex tasks, and they oversee the tasks of medical technicians.

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