What Is Required to Become a Doctor of Cardiology?


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To become a doctor of cardiology, an individual must have a bachelor's degree in a certified premedical field, and he must complete medical school to receive a Medical Doctor degree or a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree. He must also earn his medical license and complete real-world training.

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The first step to becoming a doctor of cardiology is to complete a premedical bachelor's degree, as it is a requirement for all medical schools. Such courses cover various aspects of chemistry and biology as they relate to the human body, typically in a general fashion rather than focusing on any specific field. After earning the degree, the individual must pass the Medical College Admission Test to prove his understanding of medicine further. The score on this test directly factors in to the individual's application to medical schools, wherein he studies about medicine and the body in great detail. Once he enters medical school, he must complete the necessary courses to earn one of the two degrees that qualify him to practice medicine officially as a doctor.

After earning his medical license, the individual enters a residency program at a hospital, where he trains to apply his knowledge in real-world situations. Once this ends, he must enter a cardiology fellowship to work and learn alongside practicing cardiologists. Following this, the individual applies for board certification and enters the field on his own.

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