How Do You Request a Second Card From First Premier Bank?


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The process for requesting a second debit or credit card from First Premier Bank depends on several factors: To replace a lost or stolen card, contact the bank to close the card, and request a new one. Visit a branch to request a second card for a joint account.

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One common reasons for a customer of First Premier Bank to request a second card is in the event that the primary card is lost or stolen. In both instances, you need to call the bank's main cardholder support line or general customer assistance line and follow the automated options to report that the card is no longer in your possession. This initiates a fraud alert protocol that places a freeze on all transactions made with the card to prevent unauthorized use of your funds. After verifying your recent transactions and confirming your identity, the bank can issue you a replacement card via mail that has a new number on it to further prevent further unauthorized use.

If you wish to request a second debit card for a joint account so that each person on the account has a card, you may need to visit your local branch to request the second card. In many cases, joint accounts include the issuance of two cards when it opens. The bank may not issue a duplicate or secondary card for a single account.

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