How Do You Request Forms From the IRS?

IRS forms can be obtained online at the IRS website, by telephone, at tax payer assistance centers and through various community resources, says the IRS. The IRS does not mail personal income tax forms.

The Internal Revenue Service provides free tax forms and publications on just about every tax matter, says the IRS. The IRS has a web page where taxpayers can search topics and download and print specific forms.

Individuals can also call a toll-free number and request specific forms to be mailed. It usually takes seven to 10 days to receive the forms by mail, according to the IRS.

Taxpayer assistance centers are located in various cities throughout the country. These centers allow taxpayers to meet face to face with IRS personnel and obtain IRS forms and publications. In order to locate the nearest assistance center, taxpayers can visit the IRS website and find the nearest center by inputting their zip code, says the IRS.

Communities have various resources that allow taxpayers to obtain copies of forms and publications during the tax filing season, usually at post offices or libraries. Some libraries also keep copies of commonly requested forms and publications on hand year round, says the IRS.