How Do You Request a Copy of "The Baker's Catalogue"?

How Do You Request a Copy of "The Baker's Catalogue"?

As of 2015, request "The Baker's Catalogue" on the King Arthur Flour website. The website only offers subscribers the latest issues of it, but eBay users sell back issues.

Stroll to the bottom of King Arthur Flour's main page. Find the Request a Catalogue section under the Shop headline. Click it to go to The Baker's Catalogue request page. Fill out the form by adding your first and last name, address, city, state and ZIP code.

"The Baker's Catalogue" request form also offers the option to subscribe to the emailing list by checking the box. Hit the send request button to complete the form. Next, a confirmation page appears to estimate the catalogue delivery time. Expect the first issue to arrive within a week of requesting it.

Every month, "The Baker's Catalogue" releases an issue. A typical one includes over 60 pages of baked goods and accessories. Each catalogue focuses on a theme, such as Halloween, fall, Christmas and apple treats.

King Arthur Flour is the oldest American flour company. It began in 1790 in Boston, Massachusetts. King Arthur Flour created "The Baker's Catalogue" to feature its products along with baking equipment, ingredients, recipes and books. King Arthur Flour's official store, located in Norwich, Vermont, sells products featured in "The Baker's Catalogue." Additionally, it hosts baking classes.