How Do You Find Reputable Wholesale Distributors?


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Find reputable wholesale distributors by using online resources, talking to other business people, reading trade magazines and attending trade shows. Finding a reputable wholesale distributor and forming strong relationships takes time and determination, notes SBA.gov.

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To find an ideal wholesale distributor, take advantage of online review websites. By going through these sites, individuals can pick up helpful information regarding the various companies in the industry. Some websites allow users to rate wholesale distributors according to their quality of service and products offered. It may be prudent to also use online directories such as the Yellow Pages and Wholesale Network.

Trade shows offer another way to find reputable wholesale distributors. By attending such shows, individuals can learn more about the various distributors and how they carry out their operations. Trade shows also offer those in attendance the opportunity to form relationships that may be vital in the future.

Reading online resources such as articles and blogs can be a good way to obtain helpful information. Most trade magazines also feature reputable distributors periodically. Talk to manufacturers regarding the most reliable distributors they work with. Manufacturers are most likely going to recommend some of the most reputable distributors in the region, states SBA.gov.

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