What Are Some Reputable Junkyard Auto Salvage Chains?

What Are Some Reputable Junkyard Auto Salvage Chains?

Pick-n-Pull, LKQ Inc. and Greenleaf Automotive Junkyard are reputable junkyard and auto salvage chains, according to The New York Times. These businesses are based in various parts of the United States, but all offer online part replacement services. Cars Direct offers 1.5 million listings for used automobiles, as of 2015.

According to its website, Pick-n-Pull is based in Sacramento, CA and has been in business for 20 years. It is an industry-leading chain of self-service auto parts stores with locations in 16 states and two in Canada.

LKQ corporation is a Fortune 500 company based in Chicago, IL, according to its website. It is the world's largest provider of alternative collision auto parts, both recycled and manufactured.

Greenleaf Automotive was started by Ford Motor Company and has more than 31 salvage sites across the country, according to The New York Times.

Salvage Parts' website offers a search engine for junk and auto salvage yards by zip code.

Cars Direct's website offers its own list of automobiles and also recommends several used car websites.

According to The New York Times article, the trend in salvaging wrecked vehicles saw an upswing in the early 2000s. These yards remain a viable means of obtaining used auto parts at a discount.