What Are Some Reputable E-Payroll Services?

What Are Some Reputable E-Payroll Services?

The best online payroll services are SurePayroll, OnPay, ZenPayroll and Intuit says Business News Daily. These services best serve the needs of several types of niches for small businesses.

SurePayroll is the best payroll service for household employees, especially if the employees are paid monthly. Although SurePayroll is more expensive than some similar services, the service does a thorough job of ensuring that all tax obligations are met and can help prevent unintended tax violations.

OnPay offers a powerful solution for very small businesses at a very small cost. It offers a user-friendly interface with superior customer support and transparency in pricing.

ZenPayroll is an excellent choice for sole proprietors or S Corporations. At a low cost, it lets businesses pay outside contractors and provide 1099 forms. Its Autopilot feature results in increased ease of use for the business.

Intuit is the best choice for most generic small businesses. Intuit services are scalable and can be integrated with QuickBooks accounting software at a low price. Intuit also handles the collection and reporting of payroll-related taxes. Business News Daily identified these payroll services by evaluating the cost, tax services offered, ease of use, customer service and more for several prominent online payroll providers.