What Are Some Reputable Affiliate Programs?

What Are Some Reputable Affiliate Programs?

Commission Junction, Amazon.com, LinkShare and Clickbank are examples of reputable affiliate programs. The programs have for more than a decade had the reputation of paying their affiliates on time.

Many people consider Commission Junction as the most reputable affiliate program. It pays its affiliates on time and has been in existence for a long time. The payment delays experienced in this program occur when merchants request an additional waiting period to make sure that a sale is valid. The affiliate program has high-quality merchants who make it rank among the best.

The Amazon.com affiliate program issues timely payouts that affiliates can depend on. However, an affiliate should select the products that he wishes to promote carefully because some merchants in the network are not high-quality. Affiliates should products for the top-class companies and distributors on the network.

LinkShare is similar to Commission Junction. The only difference is that it allows a wide range of merchants to advertise products on its network. An affiliate taking advantage of this program should be careful when selecting the products to promote because some merchants are not high-quality.

The Clickbank affiliate program is reputable because it pays both merchants and affiliates without the 60-day delay experienced in most networks. It has an allowance system that prevents issues with refunds. The system retains 10 percent of the payouts for 12 weeks but returns them when it is safe to release the funds.