How Does Republic Bank Verify Checks?


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Republic Bank verifies checks using submitted check information, including the last four digits of a Social Security number, name on the checking account and check amount. Financial institutions and individuals using its check verification system must enter an authorization number, and use the correct verification portal.

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Republic Bank has an internal verification system to detect fraudulent checks, but there are other methods for avoiding suspicious checks. Organizations should designate one or two people to accept and process checks and train them to ferret out bad checks, suggests the San Jose Police Department. Legitimate checks include bank name and location, as well as a verifiable bank numerical code. Any signs that a check has been altered should raise a red flag, and checks with erasure marks, or written over amounts, are unacceptable. Initialing a check makes it easier to identify later.

Accepting a post dated check is risky, and any check with a date older than six months is likely to be rejected by the bank. There should always be enough money in an account to cover a check, and checks must never be accepted with promises of future deposits. A properly endorsed check has one verifiable signature. Double or triple check endorsements are suspicious. Individuals must present a valid identification when asked, and identification signatures must match check signatures.

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