Who Makes Reproduction Gas Pumps?


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According to the DailyMotion, Gas Pump Heaven, located in Omaha, Neb., is the largest manufacturer of reproduction parts and pumps in the U.S. The site adds that each pump is made of hand-crafted metal and is built on-site.

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Gas Pump Heaven has been building antique-style gas pumps since 1990. The company's expansive collection of retro fuel pumps makes it possible for them to replicate an antique part for an existing pump. Replica pumps, according to the company, are made just like the originals. The pumps they manufacture are made of heavy-duty 18-gauge steel and are covered with several coats of glossy paint, including a clear coat to safeguard the finish from marks. The company boasts that customers have a difficult time discerning the difference between the actual pumps and the antique replicas.

Featured on RoadsideAmerica, the American Gas Pump Heaven Museum in Dover, Ohio showcases fuel pumps that are dated from 1907 to the 1950s. Besides the gas pumps, the museum displays petroliana, such as service station signs, in its collection. Roger Ramsey, who founded the museum, began acquiring pumps back in the '70s.

Wisconsin Stories adds that early filling stations once resembled crude shacks. However, due to complaints by neighbors, they were eventually replaced by stations that looked like small houses. Each station's facade was made to fit into the neighborhood. A station built in the '30s, based in Platteville, Wis., is still in business.

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