How Do You Report Problems With a Verizon Landline?


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Verizon offers its customers an online troubleshooter tool to assist them with landline and other technical issues without having to call a representative for technical support. If customers need additional assistance, they are encouraged to utilize the automated online agents or contact Verizon's technical support team.

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The Verizon troubleshooter is located on the company's website, and can help customers with landline issues, such as no dial tone, inability to make or receive calls, noisy calls or lost voice mail access numbers.

The troubleshooter provides step-by-step assistance with helping customers fix their landline issues. If, for example, the problem is that there is no dial tone, the troubleshooter first asks if the customer has FiOS, or fiber optic services. The next steps vary depending on the customer's response. If yes, the troubleshooter informs the customer that it will guide her through the same steps as would a regular agent. If no, the troubleshooter suggests troubleshooting the problem by checking account status, looking for possible network outages and testing the home phone line.

The automated, online agents are available to provide instant support for local and long distance phone service. Customers can either manually type their questions or search through a list of FAQs located in a search bar.

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