How Do You Get Replacement House Deeds?


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To obtain a replacement deed, call the local courthouse or clerk's office that files deeds, or contact the attorney who helped with the sale of the house. The title company that wrote the title may also have copies of deeds.

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People looking for replacement deeds should start at the clerk's office or courthouse that holds records for the municipality of the house. Many offer the option for people to make a copy of the records the office has on file for a small fee. Some clerk or registrar offices also have the option for people to directly download copies of records over the Internet, and they usually charge a small fee as well. Check with those offices for the types of copies offered, as some may offer both regular and certified copies.

In some states, it is the title company that does the closing, and as such they should keep copies of all of the records generated from those closings. A homeowner who has had a title company do the closing can ask that title company for a replacement deed. Likewise, any attorney who may have worked on the closing should also have copies of deeds readily available upon request.

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