How Do You Replace a Lost W2 Tax Form?


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To replace a W2 tax form, contact the employer responsible for mailing it, and request a new copy. Another course of action is to contact the Internal Revenue Service directly for assistance, if the employer can no longer help, according to the IRS.

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To file tax returns, an employee needs a W2 form that is to mailed to him from his employer. If an employer fails to deliver a copy of the W2 form, the first option is to contact the employer directly and inquire about the delivery time of the form. If the form is unavailable from the employer, the employee can provide his name, address and Social Security number to the IRS. The IRS may be able to send some employer's W2 forms. The employer's name, address and city must also be available when requesting the W2 forms, states the Internal Revenue Service.

It is also possible to receive a W2 by contacting the Social Security Administration. The SSA can provide a free copy of the W2 if it is necessary for Social Security reasons. If one needs a W2 for any other reason, such as filing tax returns, there is a charge of $37 for each copy, as of 2016. If a W2 form is unavailable, it is possible to use form 4852 to complete a tax return form, explains the Social Security Administration.

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