What Repair Services Does Fluke Offer?


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The three types of repair services offered by Fluke include repairing a product with a flat rate, repairing a product by replacing an individual part, and giving a repair job priority status, known as "next on bench" service. Customers can ship their instruments to the company to be repaired and mailed back or bring them directly to any Fluke service center location.

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Choosing a flat rate repair option for a Fluke instrument covers parts, labor and any calibration or performance tests necessary to ensure the device is fixed. Also included are any factory-authorized modifications to bring the device up to date, if necessary. However, the flat rate repair price does not include the replacement of parts such as cathode ray tubes, rechargeable battery packs and electromechanical parts.

Fluke also offers repair by replacement, or RBR, where the replacement part is offered to the customer at a discounted price. Sometimes the part is mailed to the customer, who fixes the machine at home. The cost of Fluke's RBR service does not include any calibration costs, if any are required after replacing the part.

For an extra fee, Fluke offers the option to place priority status on a repair job, which is called "next on bench" service. However, before requesting this service, customers must contact the company either via email or over the phone to check pricing and availability.

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