What Are Renter's Rights?


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Renter's rights, or tenant rights, are sets of laws which differ from state to state and guarantee the rights and recourses of people who rent space in which to live. These rights include provisions for upkeep of property divided between landlords and tenants as well as many other specific stipulations.

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What Are Renter's Rights?
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Tenant's rights vary dramatically from state to state. In most states there are many restrictions on how tenants may be evicted from property, commonly stipulating that time allowances must be made for the tenants in question so that they can plan their departures and make arrangements for shelter and transport, according to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Some states protect tenants from increases in rent. These agreements are referred to as rent-control agreements and they exist to protect access to housing among low-income groups and especially among those living on fixed incomes or with otherwise limited means. These apartments can be deeded by the renters to new tenants in certain circumstances.

Tenants are also given access to specific legal help by many states. In New York, tenants can access the services of public defenders and other civil servants without paying the high premiums associated with legal counsel, though only so long as their case is directly related to matters of housing and tenancy rights.

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