How Do You Find Rentals in Huntsville, TX?

Search through the Huntsville, Texas, Chamber of Commerce's business directory listing to find rental homes, apartments, condos and townhouses, suggests the Walker County Chamber of Commerce. A licensed or certified realtor can also help prospective renters find homes within their desired location, according to

Potential renters should determine their preferred housing budget when searching for rentals, explains USAA Financial Planning Services Insurance Agency. It may be possible to negotiate lower rental prices, but in general, renters should not agree to pay more than 28 percent of their pre-tax monthly income for housing.

Renters should also inquire about additional charges that may be incurred when renting, such as a fee for provided furniture, appliances, utilities, trash pickup and lawn work, according to USAA Financial Planning Services Insurance Agency. It is also important to clarify language on the rental lease such as the length of the lease, required rental deposit, policies regarding pets and property maintenance, and the ability to make cosmetic changes to the unit. Potential renters must also determine the policies for breaking the lease, the amount of deposit that is commonly returned and situations that may eliminate fines upon moving out, such as a job transfer or a military deployment.