How Do You Find Rental Property in South Carolina?

To find rental property in South Carolina, network with personal investors and investment clubs, browse online property websites, check real estate auctions, and speak to Realtors and real estate offices, explains You can also find listings for rental properties in print media such as newspapers and local marketing publications.

You can contact known investors, landlords, and personal acquaintances and relationships for information regarding available rental properties, notes Networking is a good way to find properties unknown to the general public. Join investment clubs, as most clubs feature an email list with which members share rental property advertisements. Investment clubs usually cost between $100 and $300 annually, as of October 2015.

Search for rental properties online on websites such as LoopNet, Craigslist and, suggests You can find general properties for sale, short sales and foreclosure sales. Online resources sometimes include property records and neighborhood information. Alternatively, call local Realtors and real estate offices for search assistance. Some offices and offices offer exclusive property listings to their clients.

Browse "for sale by owner" and Realtor-listed properties in the newspaper, recommends Use the main newspaper in the region and city-specific community newspapers. Search local marketing publications for listings; these are often available from places such as grocery stores. Visit local property auctions, such as sheriff sale auctions and private auction companies. Alternatively, you can search for rental properties on auction websites such as