How Do You Find a Rental Home With a Pool?

rental-home-pool Credit: Leo Hidalgo/CC-BY 2.0

Visit a home rental website such as or, and select "swimming pool" under the advanced search options, if available. includes that as an available field. In the case of websites such as, look in a home's pictures for a pool.

Enter other desired characteristics into the advanced search options fields, as well. These include things such as distance from the city center, pet policies, available appliances and central HVAC systems. Other features include the availability of service from your chosen cable provider, wheelchair accessibility, proximity to public transportation and payment format, according to

Alternatively, visit a classified ad website such as craigslist. Each major city center features a dedicated craigslist home page, so visit your city's link for apartments and housing for rent. From that link, enter "pool" into the search field to receive results that include a swimming pool, notes craigslist.

Once you've found a house that you like, click the link on the property page to contact the landlord or property management company. Schedule a visit to tour the home. Make sure that the pool and the house are as nice in person as they look in photos before signing any lease paperwork.