How Do You Rent Trailer Homes?


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A mobile home lease or space rental agreement specifying the rent, a due date, the amount of any security deposit, and the conditions which allow a refund, is required in most states, according to SFGate. Typically, the park owner must also disclose and explain all fees for utilities.

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The lease or agreement should also include a description of the mobile home's condition at the time of rental, notes SFGate. Duration of the lease or agreement, plus notification of any late payment fees are also common.

Most mobile homes are sold without land, and there is a fee to get them situated, adds USA Today. Hook-ups to a septic tank or to gas or electricity may result in additional charges when the home is moved to its location.

If the home is already situated, park owners may charge additional fees for fresh water, waste removal, electricity or gas, if hook-ups are available, adds SFGate. The park owner must also explain any fees. If the mobile home laws in their state requires park owners to give tenants advance notice that the park is closing or going up for sale, that information must be provided, along with an explanation of the specific rights tenants retain.

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