How Do You Rent a Space at Roger's Flea Market?


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Vendors can rent a space at Rogers Flea Market in Ohio by reserving a space on Wednesdays or Thursdays, either by phone or in person at the Market Office. Vendors reserving a space to sell at the market by phone are required to make their payment through a credit card.

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Rogers Flea Market is only able to assign space on Fridays to selling vendors who show up in person at its Market Office. Vendors who are not able to attend on their assigned day do not receive refunds of their reservation fee. The market also offers special spaces for $5 to vendors who set up their space after 3 p.m. Vendors who have reserved a space at the market are prohibited from subletting their spots to other people.

Vendors at Rogers Flea Market cannot set up their space prior to registering with the Market Office. The market also recommends that vendors do not use multiple electrical appliances, as it can cause other vendors to not receive power. Products sold at the market are not allowed to be counterfeit. Other banned goods at the market include drug paraphernalia, pornography, liquor and fireworks. Subletting of spots is not allowed by the market.

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