How Do You Rent Scooters for Handicapped People?

One easy way of renting mobility scooters for people with disabilities is to do so online through established scooter rental service providers, such as Scootaround. Scootaround is a Canadian company with more than 1,500 rental locations across North America, as stated on its website. Founded in 2007, Scootaround, Inc. operates as a mobility enhancement company that offers scooter and wheelchair rentals all across North America.

Apart from providing rental mobility equipment, Scootaround offers other services including rental programs, staffing solutions, shuttle services, attendee reservations, airline shuttle pickup and delivery and convention services, such as fleet and onsite rentals. Customers can also purchase mobility scooters and other related equipment through its website, notes

The following shows how to rent a mobility scooter through Scootaround.

  1. Go to the website
  2. Type into the browser and press Enter.

  3. Go to the Rent A Scooter page
  4. Navigate to the Rent A Scooter page by clicking on its link located at the main menu on the page. Alternatively, click on the Rent A Scooter button on the home page banner.

  5. Proceed to the online rentals page
  6. Click on any of the Rent Online buttons on the page.

  7. Answer the rental form
  8. Provide the required information on the online application form. Click on Confirm Rental Information to submit the form and for the rental application to be processed.