What Is a Rent Rebate Tax Form?


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A rent rebate tax form is a form that individual taxpayers in states such as Minnesota and Pennsylvania complete and submit to apply for state property tax rebates or refunds, according to the Minnesota and Pennsylvania Departments of Revenue. As of 2015, Pennsylvania taxpayers apply using form PA-1000, Property Tax or Rent Rebate Claim, and Minnesota taxpayers apply using Form M1PR, Homestead Credit Refund for Homeowners and Renter's Property Tax Refund. Each state sets its own eligibility requirements.

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In Minnesota, eligible renters who submit the tax rebate form receive a property tax refund of 17 percent of the rent they paid for the previous year, up to $2,030 for the year, explains the Minnesota Department of Revenue. Eligibility for the refund depends on the renters' household income, their number of dependents, and the amount of property tax they paid through rent on their primary residences. Renters submit a certificate or affidavit of rent paid with the form to determine their refund amounts.

In Pennsylvania, applicants who reside in a property pay the real estate taxes on it and meet the other criteria are eligible to receive property tax rebates, states the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue. Applicants must submit proof of property tax payment, such as cancelled checks, with their property tax rebate claim forms.

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