What Is a Rent-Increase Agreement Form?


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A rent-increase agreement form is a document that a landlord sends to a tenant to inform him of an increase in the rent. The tenant either signifies his agreement or his desire to move out by a date that depends on the rental contract.

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The law generally allows landlords to increase the rent only once a fixed rental term is over or for month-to-month tenancies. Information in a rent-increase agreement form includes the date the increase takes effect, the current monthly rent, the unit number, unit address and the new monthly rent. If the lease has a fixed end date, the agreement also needs to include that date and if the landlord is offering a new lease. The form contains information on what is to happen if the tenant does not agree with the increase -- information such as the move-out date and move-out procedures, for example.

A landlord generally needs to send a rent-increase form to month-to-month tenants at least 30 to 60 days before he plans the increase, although the specific window depends on state and local laws. The forms have fields at their bottoms for landlords and tenants to sign as well as fields for the dates of the signatures.

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