How Do You Rent an Ice Machine?

Businesses can rent an ice machine from a local machine sales and rental company, states These companies offer rentals paid on a monthly basis with no contracts and include the maintenance on machines that break down.

Customers can contact local rental companies via phone, mail or online form, notes Filling out an online form is a quick way to get in touch and be assured that a company representative makes contact. Follow the steps below to rent an ice machine from Easy Ice.

  1. Find the contact form
  2. Go to Hover the mouse cursor on the Customer Care tab. Click on Contacting Easy Ice under the Customer Care Basics header in the drop-down menu.

  3. Fill in the form
  4. Fill in the Contact Us form. These forms usually require a name, phone number, email, address and a brief statement about why the potential customer wants to be contacted. Click on the Submit button.

  5. Talk with the representative
  6. Talk with the company representative that calls about arranging an ice machine rental. The rental company may offer to send out a representative to meet with the customer, suggest a machine and make an estimate. Customers can choose to consider it or arrange for delivery of the ice machine during the phone meeting.