How Do You Rent an Ice Cream Machine?


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To rent an ice cream machine, contact a party rental company that stocks them. The company will have instructions for how to pick up and drop off the machine. For example, Yummy Soft Serve Ice Cream rents ice cream machines for pickup on the day of the party, to be returned by 9 a.m. the following day.

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The cost of rental varies from company to company as well as the size of machine needed and the length of time for which it is rented. Larger gatherings may require a bigger machine. Before renting, also decide whether to get a single-flavor machine or a two-flavor and twist machine, says Party Machine Rentals.

If planning on using the machine outdoors or far from a plug socket, it may also be necessary to rent a heavy-duty extension cord. Using a thin extension cord of the kind normally found in homes could damage the machine. Find an outlet that is suitable for the machine.

If renting a 115-volt ice cream machine, it will need to run from a 20-amp outlet. Most homes have at least one 20-amp outlet, so find out which outlet to use with the ice cream machine before renting. The ice cream machine should be the only appliance running from the outlet when it is switched on.

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