How Do You Rent Houses in Orlando, FL?


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To rent a house in Orlando, Florida, go to zillow.com, enter the desired search parameters, view the advertisements and contact realtors to view and rent the home of interest. As of 2015, Orlando has a competitive renter's market, with high demand and low availability, notes realtor.com. The average rent is $1,531 per month.

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To rent a home in Orlando, Florida, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the website
  2. Visit the Zillow website be entering zillow.com into a browser window.

  3. Display the map
  4. Click on "Rent" and enter "Orlando, FL" into the search box. Click on "Search" to view a map of available homes for rent.

  5. Filter the list
  6. Filter the list by entering the desired parameters. As of 2015, options include price range, number of bedrooms, property size and whether pets are allowed. Choose "homes" under the "Home Type" drop-down menu to view houses for rent.

  7. View the advertisements
  8. Click on the purple pins on the map to view the advertisements for each home.

  9. Set up an appointment
  10. Contact the listed realtor or owner for the homes of interest to view each house.

  11. Rent the house
  12. If a house is found, complete an application, pay all fees and sign the lease to rent the home.

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