How Do You Rent a House in St. Louis?


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To rent a house in St. Louis, a person should first search for homes that meet their needs. This includes searching by space, price and features according to Zillow.com.

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Other good places to search for houses includes Oodlemarketplace.com and Craigslist.org.

  1. Begin the search
  2. Users should first decide where to search, this can include websites, local classified ads or by contacting local rental agencies.

  3. Select the search location
  4. After choosing a method for searching, users should put in their location in the search features. This will bring up listings closest to their desired area. Users can also search within so many miles of their desired city to increase options.

  5. Choose pricing and features
  6. After choosing the location, prospective renters should filter the results by price and features such as number of bedrooms and bathrooms. This narrows down the choices.

  7. Learn about the property
  8. After finding a property that is interesting, users should read more information about it. When using a website, this can be done by clicking on the property.

  9. Contact agent or owner
  10. After finding a rental that seems suitable, users should find the contact information listed on the website. They can then contact the owner or agent to request more information or a viewing of the property.

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