How Do You Rent a Container for Storage?

How Do You Rent a Container for Storage?

To rent a container for storage, contact a storage container company through its website, over the phone or in person, and set up the rental. Before you rent the container, decide whether you want a self-storage container or a portable storage container.

When you rent a self-storage container, you must travel to the facility to use the container, or have movers take items to the facility for you. When you rent a portable storage container, the company brings the container to you. After you load it, you typically have the option to keep the container at that location or have the company take it to a storage location.

Rental methods vary depending on the company. Some companies, such as PODS, allow customers to get rate information and reserve containers online. If this option isn't available, customers typically make reservations by phone or in person. For reservations, required information usually includes the date and the necessary container size.

Companies may offer storage containers for daily, weekly or monthly rental, although longer rentals are also often available. You must pay for rental periods in advance.

Rental costs vary depending on the company, the type of container and the container size. Portable storage container companies also charge delivery and pickup charges.

When renting a storage container, always read through the contract thoroughly. Ask any questions that may come to mind, and be sure to get a receipt of purchase. Also, consider where the storage container is going to be stored. Many find the driveway an adequate storage place, as it is dry, on a hard surface and near the house.

Keep in mind local restrictions on storage containers. Local warehouses can often provide information along with any local county offices. This should be done before signing any rental contract.

Some rental companies may provide a little extra wiggle room in the contract regarding the amount of time the storage container can be used. If the container is only needed for one weekend, the rental agency may let the customer rent it out for a shorter period of time than the standard 30-day rental. Then, the container becomes available sooner for the next customer. This can work in both parties' favor.