How Do You Rent an Apartment With Poor Credit?

To rent an apartment with poor credit, inform your potential landlord of your poor credit history, and promise to pay rent several months ahead before entering the apartment, according to SF Gate. Search for apartments that don't require good credit history, and obtain a co-signer, as advises.

Let your potential landlord know that you have a poor credit record from the start. This lets him know that you are honest. Offering to pay rent at move-in boosts the landlord's confidence in you as an able tenant and demonstrates your faith in the landlord. While most landlords may only need rent for the first month and double or three times the rent amount as a security deposit for unfinished and finished apartments respectively, it is in your best interest to pay as much as 12 months' rent at move-in.

Although large property management companies own many apartment buildings and require good credit history from potential tenants, look for an individual landlord to whom credit history is not a requirement and is willing to rent the apartment to you as long as you have a stable income. Additionally, if you have a poor credit history, request a person who has a good credit history to co-sign the lease for you. The landlord has the legal right to demand rent from the co-signer in case you default.

Setting up automatic rent payments to be deducted from your bank account may also be a good strategy when attempting to rent an apartment with bad credit. The landlord will most likely require verification of employment from a tenant wishing to establish automatic monthly payments for rent. Positive letters of reference from former landlords may also come in handy.