How Do You Renew Your LPN Nursing License?


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To renew your LPN nursing license, get in touch with the board of nursing of the state to discover the state-specific renewal requirements; most states have requirements involving continuing education, active practice and criminal background checks. Finally, pay the required fees for the renewal process.

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Most states require that candidates must earn contact hours or credits for continuing education when the license is active. Some states also require that candidates must have actively worked in the nursing field before applying for license renewal. The number of active practice hours required varies between states. Sometimes, proof of having practiced actively acts as a substitute for the credits for continuing education criteria.

All states make it mandatory for candidates to clear a criminal background check and submit their fingerprints when first applying for an LPN license, but not all states require candidates to go through the entire process again during renewal.

Most states send the renewal nursing candidates the renewal form, renewal requirements, fees and other information by mail 45 to 60 days prior to the date of renewal. This ensures that candidates apply for license renewal on time. Generally, states require candidates to renew their LPN licenses once every two to four years.

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