How Do I Renew My CNA License in Pennsylvania?

To renew your CNA license, you must work a minimum of eight hours in a healthcare facility at any point within the previous 24 months. Complete the renewal process by submitting an application, documentation and the renewal fee before the deadline.

  1. Check your mail

    CNA licenses are valid for a period of 24 months. Check your mailbox 90 days before the license expires for a renewal information packet sent by the Pennsylvania Department of Health Nurse Aid Registry. This packet includes the renewal deadline and pertinent instructions.

  2. Gather required documentation

    To qualify for license renewal, you must provide documentation proving you have worked a minimum of eight hours at an approved healthcare facility. Approved facilities include hospitals, nursing homes and home health settings. Self-employment or employment at a doctor’s office cannot be used to meet this requirement.

  3. Submit the completed application

    To renew a CNA license, you must complete the renewal application. Renewals may be done online or by mailing a hard copy. Both methods require current contact information, license number and work history documentation. Be prepared to pay a renewal fee.

  4. Wait for a new registry card

    Upon successful receipt and review of your application, a new CNA registry card is sent to your home address.