How Do You Renew My CNA License in Florida?

How Do You Renew My CNA License in Florida?

To renew your certified nursing assistant license in Florida, submit a renewal application, pay the fee, and complete the required in-service training hours. CNA licenses must be renewed every two years in the state of Florida.

  1. Submit a renewal application

    Visit the Florida Board of Nursing website to renew your license online. You need your user ID and password to complete the renewal. If you need to change the status of your license, request a name change or pay via cashier’s check or money order, you must renew by mail.

  2. Pay the renewal fee

    When renewing online, use a credit or debit card to pay the required renewal fee. As of January 2015, it is $65 to renew an active license, $115 to renew an expired license and $170 to renew a 120-day notified delinquent license.

  3. Complete in-service training

    Complete a minimum of 12 hours of approved in-service training every two years, or 24 hours per two-year renewal cycle. Required in-service hours include training in blood-borne pathogens, domestic violence, resident rights and other areas. You do not need to submit the certificates of completion for in-service hours, but you should keep the records for four years for auditing purposes.