How Do You Renew Your Child's Medicaid Benefits?


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Children's Medicaid sends a family renewal packet in the mail near the end of child's coverage. The packet has an application that a family can fill out and return to renew coverage for their child.

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Once the renewal application has been filled out and signed, the information is checked to see if the child is still eligible for Medicaid. In the event the child isn't eligible, an agency checks to see what programs a child is eligible for and send the appropriate documents needed to transfer the child's coverage from Medicaid to insurance of a different kind. When the family pays the enrollment fee and signs all of the appropriate documents, the coverage is renewed for the child and starts immediately after the current coverage ends.

A parent or guardian doesn't have to wait until a renewal packet is sent out in the mail to renew a child's coverage. Coverage can be renewed online, by phone and in person at local Medicaid offices. Once all of the appropriate questions have been answered and the documents are signed, Medicaid is renewed. In the event the renewal process is done online or by phone, a packet is sent to the home for the parent or guardian to sign.

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