How Do You Renew a Business License?

How Do You Renew a Business License?

The process for renewing a business license can depend on such factors as the issue date of the license and the state where the license is held, but users can often visit their state's government website for the department of finance, revenue or commerce to renew the license online. Having a credit card, debit card or checking account is usually a requirement for online renewal, notes the State of Washington Business Licensing Service. Another option is to renew by mail.

If online license renewal is available, do the following:

  1. Visit the state's website
  2. Visit the state's website for its department of finance, commerce or revenue and look for a section for business licenses. If online renewal is available, there will be a link to click to begin the process.

  3. Fill out the renewal form
  4. Follow the steps requesting information for license renewal. Entering the business's license number and the business's employer identification number, or EIN, or the owner's social security number is typically needed to get started. The state's website will walk the user through the process of entering information about the business and owner and submitting payment, notes the State of Alaska website. The user may select a renewal length of a year or more, depending on state requirements.

  5. Submit the renewal requests
  6. After submitting the completed form, there is usually a confirmation. Any necessary documents will arrive via mail.

If a license has been expired for an extended period or if the business is seeking some new endorsement, the renewal process may have to be done through mail, according to the State of Alaska website. The mailing address, forms and specific filing requirements are usually available on the state's website.