How Do You Remove Your Name From Telemarketing Lists?


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Registering on DoNotCall.gov or calling 1-800-382-1222 should stop most telemarketing calls. If you have bought something from a company or inquired about one of its products, representatives may still call you unless you tell them to stop. Registering does not stop non-sales calls such as charity or political fundraising calls.

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Although your phone number appears on the Registry the day after you register, it may take up to 31 days for sales calls to stop. The Federal Trade Commission advises hanging up on illegal telemarketing calls and robocalls, or automated calls. An automated message may ask you to press a number to be removed from the list or to wait for a person, but the FTC states that doing either of these may lead to more calls rather than stopping them. If you continue to receive unwanted calls, you can file a complaint at DoNotCall.gov.

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