How Do You Find Remote Properties in Alaska?

Buyers should hire a real estate agent who is knowledgeable about Alaska properties and can help determine how and when to safely visit the property, as FastStart Real Estate Services states. The state also sells land directly for recreational cabins and residential use, as Alaska's Department of Natural Resources reports.

Finding, traveling and purchasing a remote Alaskan property may be difficult, as weather and seasonal constraints complicate travel and development plans, as FastStart Real Estate Services advises. Buyers should use maps and guidance from Alaskan locals to obtain information about travel planning and also reduce natural risks posed by wildlife and difficult terrain. Bringing basic survival gear and using reliable vehicles for transportation helps protect against rural Alaskan dangers.

The state of Alaska sells land through auctions, over-the-counter at market value and through a parcel program, according to Alaska's Department of Natural Resources. Surveyed land is available at auction and over-the-counter and may be purchased for residential use. The parcel program allows buyers to stake an individual claim of recreational land and lease the claim while awaiting a state survey. After the survey is complete the land may be purchased at market value by the party who originally staked the claim.