How Do You Get Relocation Assistance?


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Obtain relocation assistance for a new job by speaking to the hiring manager and human resources department at the new company and making an official inquiry about the company's policy on the matter. If the company doesn't have a standard aid program, negotiate for specific benefits such as temporary housing or travel reimbursement.

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Many companies have a standard benefits package available when hiring employees currently living in another location, which means the first step to obtain these benefits is to ask your hiring contact about them. The manager or human resources agent is likely to send you details about the compensation package or options, which should appear in your contract as terms of your employment. If the company doesn't have a specific package or standard set of options, you must negotiate with the company to receive the benefits that best suit your needs.

One common type of relocation assistance includes temporary housing so you don't have to pay out of pocket when searching for a new home. If you already have a new residence, consider asking the company to pay for the cost of transporting your possessions to the new city or to pay for the travel costs for your family to move. Always ask about these benefits before signing the contract, as it provides you more leverage during negotiations.

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