What Reloading Services Does Lee Precision Offer?

What Reloading Services Does Lee Precision Offer?

Lee Precision provides custom reloading services for bullet molds, case gauges and custom lube and size kits, as well as custom-made dies and die sets for factory crimps, handguns, rifles and quick-trim uses. Custom service orders are nonrefundable. Lee Precision also offers free reloading tutorials and instruction services.

Lee Precision provides most types of equipment, supplies, tools and parts needed for ammunition reloading. Its standard- and large-size handgun- and rifle-reloading dies come with free powder measure and charge tables, factory crimp dies, shell holders and crimp rings.

The company has several types of press equipment, including single-station, turret presses and progressive presses for each reloader's specific needs. The equipment varies in complexity, unit output capacity and caliber range.

Individual tools available include gunpowder handling and measuring tools, shell holders, priming tools, case-conditioning tools and all standard caliber bullet-casting molds, as well as specific tools for reloading shotgun shells.

Lee Precision has kits available for novice reloading users that range from basic to all-inclusive. Basic kits for handguns and rifles are available for most conventional caliber sizes and include all of the hand tools required, except for a rubber mallet. The automatic kits that include a press machine offer significantly easier and more productive options.