How Do You Reload a Green Dot Card?


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Reload the Green Dot card online or by using direct deposit or visiting a participating retailer, according to the Green Dot website. You must present valid identification to reload the card.

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If direct deposit is the selected method for reloading the green Dot card, log in to the Green Dot site to retrieve the routing and account numbers for the card, and supply the payroll administrator or benefits provider with this information. Reloading by direct deposit is free, and you may elect to have either a portion of or your entire check loaded onto the card, according to Green Dot. Government benefits are eligible for loading to the card as well.

Reloading the card at a participating retailer is as simple as swiping the card at the register, Green Dot explains. The cash automatically loads onto the card. In addition, you may load a government or preprinted payroll check at Wal-Mart. The funds load directly to the card. Wal-Mart determines check-cashing fees and limits.

To reload online, either transfer money from a bank account, or have another Green Dot user transfer money from his Green Dot card. A bank transfer takes from one to three days, and reload fees and limits apply. To receive money from another Green Dot user, the sender needs either your email address or phone number. Once he sends the money, you can load it directly to the Green Dot card, notes Green Dot.

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