What Are Some Reliable Stocks?

As of 2015, reliable stocks include those from companies such as Main Street Capital, Hugoton Royalty Trust, Enerplus Corporation and Gladstone Capital, notes Dividend.com. Investors all measure stock reliability differently, and Dividend.com considers a stock reliable if it pays dividends frequently.

Monthly dividend stocks can help increase portfolio income, states Dividend.com. Dividends help with risk management, as the dividend payment helps offset any loss that the stock may incur. Investors can find associated ticker symbols for high-paying dividend stocks through Dividend.com.

Dividends are payments a company makes to shareholders as a return on their investment, explains the Houston Chronicle. Dividend payouts are a signal of company strength, and not all companies pay dividends. The three types of dividends are residual dividends, stability dividends and hybrid dividends. Companies pay dividends out of leftover earnings or a percentage of company earnings.

Investors can find a complete history of dividend payments through the Nasdaq website. Visitors can enter up to 25 different stock ticker symbols to view dividend payments for the associated companies. Dividends can be paid in the form of money, stock, scrip or company products, states Nasdaq.com. The Board of Directors for a particular company determines the dividend amount and timing of payment.