How Do You Find a Reliable Gold Forecast Price Guide?


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FXEmpire and Knoema are two reliable forecast guides that analyze political and economic events to predict the price of gold. Both guides analyze historic as well as contemporary global, financial and economic data to make reliable price predictions.

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Gold is a commodity investors use to diversity portfolios and hedge against financial uncertainty. Investors trade gold on the futures market as well as through exchange-traded funds.

Global politics and economic volatility typically increase gold prices as investors seek safe havens; however, historic events are not always the best guide. Reliable guides analyze historic events in the context of real-time data to provide accurate forecasts. FXEmpire provides daily technical analysis tied to global events to forecast future prices. In 2015, FXEmpire analysis forecasts stable gold prices as financial strife between Greece, the European Union and the World Bank continues.

Knoema is a platform guide that connects data with analysis and presentation tools. The guide compiles relevant indicator data from multiple sources and presents it publicly. The platform applies analytical functions to predict prices and uses thousands of publicly available data sources for analysis. Data sources for gold price predictions include the World Bank Commodity Price Data and the Economist Intelligence Unit Commodity Forecast.

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