How Do You Release a Property Lien?


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A property lien can be released by paying off the debt if it's a valid one, securing a signed lien release form and filing the form at the county recorder's office, notes Bridget Kelly for SFGate. An attorney should be consulted if the property owner feels the debt isn't justified.

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Before paying off a lien, the property owner should first speak with an attorney to see if there's any way the debt can be lowered, says Kelly. Whenever the lien holder signs the lien release form, it should be done in the presence of a notary public. Once the lien release form has been filed at the county recorder's office, it becomes a matter of public record. The property owner the lien was filed against should keep a copy of the lien release form for his personal records.

An individual can have a property lien filed against him if he owes money to a creditor, notes Nolo. Examples of individuals and organizations who can file property liens include mortgage lenders, the IRS, recipients of child support and alimony, contractors and spouses. A homeowner is unable to legally sell his property until he pays off the lien and gives the buyer a clear title. In addition to real estate, liens can also be attached to personal property.

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