What Is the Relationship Between Motivation and Job Satisfaction?

relationship-between-motivation-job-satisfaction Credit: Paul Bradbury/OJO Images/Getty Images

Motivation is one of the crucial ingredients for job satisfaction, preventing employees from becoming bored and giving them a sense that they are achieving something worthwhile. Prestige and high pay only go so far when it comes to producing satisfied employees.

The Houston Chronicle explains that regardless of the amount of pay an employee receives, they are far more likely to experience job dissatisfaction and look for employment elsewhere if they don't feel motivated. Creating motivation in employees is a difficult task, but the best companies manage to do so organically by hiring people who are truly passionate about what they do. The Houston Chronicle further explains that job duties play a large role in creating motivation. Those who feel that their job entails menial, tedious tasks are far less likely to feel motivated. Motivated employees know that what they are doing will have an impact, and they can see precisely what that impact will be.

The American Psychological Association dispels the notion that only highly advanced jobs can create high levels of job satisfaction for employees. In fact, business psychologists have discovered that any job can be satisfying as long as employers communicate the meaningfulness of the employee's work and provide regular incentives to keep them motivated.