How Do You Reject a Job Offer Professionally?


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To reject a job offer professionally, an applicant should call his contact person for the job and follow up with an emailed or printed letter sent ideally to everyone he met through the job search process. The letter declining the job can explain that the applicant found a better fit elsewhere but does not need to explain why he is turning down the position.

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Remain courteous and appreciative when rejecting a job offer. You can state where you have accepted a job, but it is not necessary. Express your satisfaction with the job process and, if applicable, say that you envision yourself at the company in question at some point. It is fine to explain any logistic obstacles such as a lower salary or longer commute that led to the rejection. However, subjective issues such as not liking a certain person should not be included.

The rejection phone call and rejection letters should show appreciation for the time and effort of the hiring panel. It should be made as soon as feasible out of respect for the time of everyone involved. The follow-up rejection letter should also list specific positive attributes about the company, and if appropriate, make a recommendation for another potential candidate for the job.

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