How Do I Reink a Preinked Stamp?

reink-preinked-stamp Credit: NuStock/E+/Getty Images

Different types of pre-inked stampers have slightly different instructions for re-inking. Choose the right type of ink for your particular brand of stamp. It is also important to refill the ink stamper with the same color ink.

  1. Remove the stamp handle

    Pull the handle off the stamp. Some stamps may be difficult to separate.

  2. Add ink to the stamper

    Use an eyedropper to drop ink on to the ink pads. The ink bottle may have a built-in eyedropper. For small stamps, add three or four drops to each ink reservoir. For larger stamps, add five or six drops to the ink reservoirs. If refilling a stamper that uses an ink cartridge, squeeze the entire cartridge into the ink reservoir.

  3. Replace the handle

    Replace the handle of the ink stamper. Let the ink dry for about 30 minutes. The ink must be fully absorbed in to the pad to work. Many stamps must be left in an upright position to absorb the ink completely and to avoid leakage.

  4. Test the pre-inked stamper

    Use the pre-inked stamper to try a few test stamps on a piece of paper. If the impression is too weak, open the stamper again and repeat the process. Make sure to allow the ink sufficient time to absorb when adding more ink.