What Are Rehire Letters?


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A rehire letter is a type of letter written by a person who wants to return to a previous job. It is addressed to a previous employer, and it provides the main reasons why the employee wants to be rehired. A respectful and professional tone is used when writing this letter.

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When writing a rehire letter, the employer is addressed formally, and an opening sentence that states when the person held the job is included. It is important to specify the name of the position and duration of the job in that company. It helps to mention a positive recollection of the employee’s previous time working for the company. A rehire letter mentions good aspects about working for a past company and the employee’s accomplishments and experiences while working there.

The succeeding paragraph refers briefly to the main reason why the employee had to leave before. This part is written cordially without laying blame. Next, the employee’s desired position is stated. Generally, a type of position is mentioned instead of specific titles. For example, instead of writing “Senior Marketing Production Analyst,” the position “marketing analyst” is used. Forbes recommends that an employee also ask if his previous position was filled already and contact the human resource department to find out what position is available.

It helps to present a willingness to apply for the position through approved channels, if necessary. If the employee has new degrees, certifications and added work experience, these are also included. A resume is typically sent along with a rehire letter.

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