What Are the Regulations for Wal-Mart Employee Apparel?


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Wal-Mart employees are required to wear khaki or black pants with a white or navy collared shirt. They must also have on closed-toe shoes and a Wal-Mart-branded vest. Some backroom employees are allowed to wear blue jeans and T-shirts for doing more physical tasks such as unloading trucks.

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Although there have been many changes to the Wal-Mart employee dress code, the latest revision is in effect as of 2015. The company made this and other changes in an attempt to improve working conditions in its 4,555 stores within the United States. Executives also hope this update will help customers to more clearly recognize Wal-Mart employees throughout the store.

Some of the company's over one million workers have complained that they cannot afford the newly required items they are referring to as "uniforms" and that Wal-Mart does not provide them, other than the updated blue vest. However, if an employee wishes to purchase the other items for the new "uniform" at Wal-Mart, they may use their employee discount to do so.

According to glassdoor.com, Wal-Mart associates average $9.34 per hour, with $9.00 being the minimum hourly wage given, and that number is expected to increase in 2016 to at least $10.00 for the hourly part time employees and $13.00 for full-time workers.

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