How Do You Register a Visa Prepaid Card?

Register a Visa prepaid card by visiting the supplier of the card's website or calling the supplier and providing the card's account number and its card verification number, according to Registering the gift card online may be quicker than doing so over the phone.

A Visa prepaid card must typically be registered before it can be used, notes This helps the card supplier prevent fraud by verifying that the card was sold instead of stolen and provides card receivers an opportunity to cancel stolen cards before they can be used.

A Visa prepaid account number is typically 16 digits long and is found on the front of the cards, explains The Card Verification Number is typically on the back of the card and to the right of the signature box. To find the website to register the card using this information, determine if a website URL was provided with activation instructions sent with the card. If not, visit the supplier's website and search for prominently featured links for activating gift cards. Card receivers calling the company to register the card may obtain the phone number from the back of the card, the supplier's website, or registration instructions sent with the card.